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Large project logistics

       O.H International Project Department was established in 2014, with extensive operating experience for large bulk, ro-ro ship and large project logistics. Personalized service advantages, to provide customers with shipping, transportation, lifting, customs clearance and other comprehensive services. The company conducts a comprehensive and comprehensive analysis of the customer's needs, provides a complete transportation program, careful contingency measures, co-ordination and coordination, and field supervision to ensure that the goods are safe and economically delivered to their destination.

Item Logistics also known as project logistics, is the main object of logistics activities. The project is to achieve a certain combination of resources. The project is usually done only once and not

repeated, so the project is a unique process that needs to be completed within the specified time, cost, human resources and assets. Project logistics includes engineering project logistics, large item logistics, exhibition logistics, etc. different project logistics are different in terms of operation technology, mode and organization. The logistics operation and operation process of the project has a certain degree of particularity and requires innovative work.

Project logistics has the following characteristics:

1. The purpose of project logistics is to serve the project, and the project logistics ends with the end of the project;

2. Project logistics activities are mostly one-off activities with less repetition;

3. Project logistics has its own particularity, it often needs special vehicles and tools to complete logistics activities.

The above are the three main characteristics of project logistics. What needs attention here is the difference between project logistics and logistics projects. Project logistics is a mode of logistics, which is very different from logistics projects.